Make At Home Superfood Snacks

Funch is an innovative range of premixed superfood snacks.

Funch products are made from real foods, are 100% natural and GMO free. The range includes healthy, wholesome snacks that are great for lunchboxes, pre and post work out, healthy eating on the go or just a delicious (and healthy) snack.

The idea is similar to a cake mix, but packed with healthy, wholesome ingredients.

The range includes several gluten free products.

Funch snacks include:

Protein Balls in salted caramel; vanilla and coconut (gluten free); cacao and chia; matcha and cacao;
turmeric, ginger and lemon (gluten free / paleo) and almond and cacao (gluten free)

No Bake Superfood Slice, almond, coconut and cacao (gluten free)

Superfood Muesli Bar, coconut, cacao and chia