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Funch's range of mixes are blended from real food ingredients creating fast solutions to healthy snacks that pack a nutritional punch and taste amazing. Funch’s range of protein ball, bliss ball, no bake slice and muesli bar mixes provide easy to make, wholesome snack food that is suitable for everyone.

Each product in the Funch range offers a specifically tailored combination of ingredients, strategically chosen for their combined nutritional value. Funch products are made with 100% natural ingredients and have no preservatives, additives or sugar added.

No More Snacking Anxiety : Snack with confidence knowing that each mouthful counts in positively contributing to your daily nutrition intake. 

Convenience : Make a packet then keep them in the fridge for up to 10 days or the freezer for up to 3 months, so that you always have a great grab and go snacking option. 

12 Month Shelf-Life : Don't have time to make your Funch this week, no problem! As a staple in your pantry, Funch will last for months, keeping it's freshness and nutrition ready to be made when you are. 

Zero Food Waste / Money Saving Snack : You no longer need up to 8 different packs of ingredients to make your own snacks, each with only a couple of spoons used from each pack. It saves you money and dramatically reduces food waste. 

Vegan / Dairy Free / Gluten Free : If you have food preference Funch has you covered. Our range offers a variety of products that accommodate difference dietary preferences.
No Added Sugar : None of our products have added sugar. We encourage the use of natural sweeteners to brighten the taste whilst keeping the food a healthy as possible.
Funch offers great snacking solutions for kids, students, seniors, busy families and working professionals, helping them to achieve a healthier lifestyle whilst continuing to enjoy a diverse range of snacks.

Where Funch Fits In

As a satisfying snack Funch products are suitable whenever hunger strikes. Healthy snacks are a great way to support your body in between meals, so why not ensure they’re as nutritious as possible and make them count!

Pre-Exercise : A protein or energy snack will help power you through your workout, making the most of the time you dedicate to exercise.

Post-Exercise : A post-exercise protein snack can help support your body’s recovery and give your lean muscles the fuel they need to grow.

3pm Pick-Up, Mid-Morning Munchies, After-Dinner Delight : Make your snacks count as part of your overall nutritious diet.  Do away with the biscuits, chocolate or sugar-packed treats, and replace them with Funch’s healthy, 100% natural, nutritious and great-tasting protein balls, slices, biscuits and muesli bars.

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