Snacks Made Simple

Funch’s range of premixes has done to healthy snacks what the cake mix did to baking cakes.

This is a healthy, wholesome range of premixes to make Protein Balls, No Bake Slice and Muesli Bars. We use premium ingredients that are mostly organic, with no added sugar boasting 100% natural food with no nasties. 

Funch snacks pack a nutritional punch through their clever combination of superfoods and healthy fats, ideally balanced to nurture your body, keep you feeling full for longer and staving offer sweet cravings. The recipes are incredibly simple to use and the range includes options that are gluten freedairy free, vegan, sugar free and paleo. 

Protein Balls in salted caramel; vanilla and coconut (gluten free); cacao and chia; matcha and cacao; turmeric, ginger and lemon (gluten free / paleo) and almond and cacao (gluten free)  No Bake Superfood Slice, almond, coconut and cacao (gluten free) Superfood Muesli Bar, coconut, cacao and chia

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