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About Us

Funch is an Australian owned and operated business, being the brainchild of energetic and entrepreneurial Melbourne duo, Tanya Duncan and Lisa Bourne.

Founded by two Melbourne Mums, Tanya Duncan and Lisa Bourne, Funch has grown from their passion to create and share healthy food throughout Australia and beyond.

Tanya and Lisa came together through their shared interest in health and fitness. Once their kids started school, and lunchboxes where being regularly packed, the pair realised there was a genuine lack of choice on the supermarket shelves for healthy snacks. The daily lunchbox challenge was made noticeably harder by the limited amount of snack food available ‘off the shelf’ without preservatives, additives, colouring and importantly with no added sugar.

Tanya and Lisa grasped at this opportunity to innovate. and set about creating some products that they, as time-poor parents, would use and all importantly, products that the whole family were happy to eat.

This gave rise to the original concept of a DIY Premix to make healthy snacks. Tanya and Lisa have ensured that Funch’s range of premixes are affordable, easy to prepare and convenient.

As a dry mix, made-up of blended natural ingredients, Funch products have a long shelf life, are easy to transport and convenient to warehouse.

Tanya and Lisa initially introduced the retail DIY Mixes through independent supermarkets, greengrocers and health food stores, which are now available Australia Wide. The duo saw further opportunities to increase the reach of their healthy snacks by introducing supply in bulk buckets that are suitable for use in food services and school canteens.

The DIY Premix concept gives customers an important and popular opportunity to contribute to the making of their food as part of their healthy lifestyle journey. It is also a convenient, reliable way for the foodservice industry to make perfectly healthy snacks in batches that can be consumed immediately or frozen to be used as required.

With industry certification to support the Funch range’s healthy snack claims, Funch products are quickly becoming standard menu items in school canteens throughout Australia.