Direct Online Deliveries

Once you place your order online, it will be dispatched from our Melbourne warehouse within 2 business days.

Australian Deliveries

Deliveries are usually made by Australia Post in accordance to the weight and destination that the parcel is being sent. We offer FREE POSTAGE for orders Australian wide over the value of $100. Alternatively, we calculate cost according to weight as follows: 

  • Orders valued at over $100 of product qualify for FREE POSTAGE Australia Wide
  • Orders less than 500g $5.00 (generally 1 or 2 packets)
  • Orders between 500g-2kg $10.00 (usually up to 8 packets)
  • Order from 2kg-5kg $15.00 (mostly for our boxes of 12)

Experience has shown us that deliveries to major metro areas can be expected in around 24 hours, and longer for regional areas. 

If you have not received your order within 6 business days please contact us.

For details about International Shipping visit our Shipping page 

Wholesale Orders

Happy to chat with you about supplying retail stores or online groceries with the Funch range. Please contact us.  

Do you offer refunds?

As with all food products,  we can not offer refunds or exchange for change of mind.
If your Funch arrives damaged or you believe it to be faulty, please contact us immediately and we will respond with a solution within 24 hours.

What are your products?

Both our Superfood Snack Bar and Organic Protein Power Ball are pre-packaged mixtures containing all the super, healthy ingredients, already mixed and prepared ready to make the complete product.

The mixture contains all the dry ingredients, plus gives details of the additional ingredients required. There is also the clear and easy step-by-step process to make the final products. Everything is easily available to make these super tasty, nutritious snacks. 

What do I need to add to my Pre-Mix Pack?

Full details of what you need to add to your Pre-Mix Pack can be found on the product information page or details and making instructions are located on the back of each packet.

Organic Protein Power Balls requires the addition of Dates and Coconut Oil 
Superfood Snack Bar requires the addition of Honey and Butter 

Where do you buy the extra ingredients?

All our additional ingredients are readily available from either your local supermarkets, green grocer or health food shop.

Organic Protein Power Balls
- Dates (medjool prefered) are in the fruit and vegetable section of the Supermarket or your local Green Grocer. 
- Coconut Oil is available in the Supermarket or Health Food store. Read our blog for more details

Superfood Snack Bar
- Honey can be found in your Supermarket, Health Food store or Green Grocer
- Butter can be found in the fridge section of your Supermarket or Green Grocer

Why are nutritional panels including only dry ingredients?

We have based our nutritional panels on the dry ingredients alone so you can add the content of your added ingredients to this to get the end values quickly and easily! 

The ingredients that you add to our pre-mix packs include a variety of options including butter, oil and dried fruit. Each of these products have a multitude of possible options and variations, each of which would alter and change the content of the nutritional panel.  

How many Balls/Bars are made per packet?

Protein Power Balls
You can roll 15-20 in our standard 20-25g Ball size (approx a tablespoon of mixture per ball). There can be more or less balls created per pack depending on the size of the balls that you roll. 

Superfood Snack Bar
The number of Bars are dependent on how you choose to cut them. As a standard from a 16 x 26 cm tray we would cut it through the middle of the long side and then 5 cuts across, this makes 12 Bars. Alternatively it could be cut into small bars with 3 long cuts and 5 across, this makes 18 Bars. 

How long do the Pre-Mix Packs last?

We have indicated on the packets a shelf-life of 6 months. We have been very conservative about this self-life, in reality, if properly stored these dry ingredients would probably last a lot longer.  

Do you need to make all of the Pre-Mixed pack at one time? 

Yes, we recommend that you use the entire packet.  

How long do the products last once they are made? 

Organic Protein Power Balls 
Recommended that they are stored in an airtight container in the fridge. The balls will last for up to two weeks once made if stored correctly. 

Superfood Snack Bar
These bars should be stored in an air-tight container in a dark cupboard. These bars will last for 2-3 weeks.