Healthy Choices Guidelines

Healthy Choices & School Canteen Rating

Funch products have been classified by Nutrition Australia against the Healthy Choices Guidelines and the School Canteens Policy used in Victoria.

This was an independent assessment by Nutrition Australia’s qualified dietitians and nutritionists in May 2017.

AMBER Approved Products (the highest category for SNACK foods)

Made using a recipe of water and rice malt syrup or dates and water the following products have achieved an AMBER rating, being the highest possible rating for snack food:

+ Chocolate Bliss Ball Mix
+ Chocolate + Chia Protein Ball Mix
+ Salted Caramel Protein Ball Mix
+ Vanilla + Coconut Protein Ball Mix
+ Honeycomb Crunch Luxe Ball Mix
+ Choc Chip + Coconut Muesli Slice Mix
+ Whole Oats + Seeds Breakfast Cookie Mix
+ Chocolate Crackle No Bake Slice Mix
+ Choc Rough Luxe Ball Mix
+ Chocolate + Almond Protein Ball Mix

Red Approved Products 

Made using coconut oil and rice malt syrup the following products have been classified as RED rating, being a 'sometimes' snack. 

+ Chocolate Crackle No Bake Slice Mix