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Recommendations From Health Professionals

"Funch products have found a permanent spot in our pantry! In between running a business, riding bikes and cooking healthy meals, there is little time left for preparing tasty, healthy snacks that don’t break the budget. I love the huge range of products available by Funch - you will never get bored! They are super fast and easy to make, and most importantly, full of nutrient-dense ingredients and without hidden sugars, preservatives and fillers. I love supporting a local Melbourne business and hard-working mums like Lisa and Tanya who created these incredible products that I highly recommend to all my training and nutrition clients.”

Lizzy Marsh
Gym Owner at Workshop and Specialized Women’s Ambassador
Lizzy is a qualified exercise scientist and nutrition coach. She has worked with a range of different types of athletes from triathletes, cyclists, runners, and CrossFitters to recreational gym users to assist them with understanding nutritional requirements for improved performance and body composition results.


"I have so far trialled the chocolate and chia protein balls - they are definitely really quick and easy to prepare and have been a delicious snack for my long commute to work!

I think this is a much-needed product in the area, and it is great how you have managed to create such a high-quality product yet still keeping the ingredients simple and delicious with no added preservatives."

Melaine Smith
Clinical Dietitian, Royal North Shore Hospital


"Funch foods is honestly one of the easiest ways to create clean raw treats! It's convenient and quick for busy people like me and tastes amazing! I love the fact that all the ingredients are natural and REAL!!! I am all about healthy, clean ingredients and this brand has definitely done well in creating a product that is not only healthy and easy to make but affordable."

Aida Gyftakis
Personal Trainer