Golden Bliss Ball Mix Turmeric + Lemon


Sweet but also savoury, it’s a dynamic and delicious taste sensation when you bite into our Golden Bliss Balls!

This powerhouse of wholefoods is a unique and powerful combination of some of the most highly recognised anti-inflammatory superfoods, and as the colour suggests, this is underpinned by turmeric. These Golden Bliss Balls are not only incredibly tasty but functionally offer a massive nutritional hit.

The Product Facts
Our Golden Bliss Ball Mix is gluten-free, vegan, dairy free, grain free and paleo. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, they are also a source of protein, are naturally sweetened and have no added sugar. Containing only wholefoods, they include nothing artificial and there is no blender required.

What You Need
Our recipe is easy to follow. You will need to add coconut oil, rice syrup and the zest and juice from a lemon to the mix.

How Many Per Pack
Each pack, depending no the size of the balls that you roll, will make between 10 - 15 balls per packet.

Making Tip
We recommend, for your rolling pleasure, that you wear plastic gloves… it makes the rolling so much easier! For your convenience, when you place your order online we will include a pair of plastic gloves with your delivery.

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