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Delicious Treat Chocolate Bliss Ball
Nutritional Information Bliss Balls

Large Bliss Ball Mix Chocolate

Large Chocolate Bliss Ball Mix will make 30-40 Bliss Balls. 

Delicious chocolate bliss balls! Not only do they have a great chocolate taste but they are jam-packed with nutritious ingredients. 

With no nuts, these nutrient dense Chocolate Bliss Balls tick all the boxes. Energy, nutrition, taste, healthy and suitable for lunchboxes. These are also perfect for a 3pm pick-up or evening sweet treat as they taste like a delicious chocolate ball, but in reality have all great, healthy ingredients. 

The Product Facts
Our Chocolate Bliss Ball Mix: has no nuts, is a source of protein, a source of energy and a good source of fibre. They are wheat free, vegan, dairy free, low in gluten, contain only wholefoods, with no added sugar, nothing artificial and there is no blender required.

How Many Per Pack
Each pack, depending on the size of the balls that you roll, will make between 10 - 15 balls per packet.

What You Need
Our recipe is easy to follow. You have the choice of 3 options on the back of the packet including adding to the mix:

  • water + rice syrup or honey,
  • coconut oil + rice syrup or honey,
  • dates + water or coconut oil

Making Tip
We recommend, for your rolling pleasure, that you wear plastic gloves… it makes the rolling of your balls so much easier! For your convenience, when you place your order online we will include a pair of plastic gloves with your delivery.

Made using the water + rice syrup recipe, Funch's balls rolled at 20g have 74 calories per ball.

Healthy Choices Classification
Made using the water + rice syrup recipe, Funch's balls rolled at 20g are classified as AMBER (which is the highest rating available for this style of product) for both the Healthy Choices Guidelines and the School Canteen and Other School Food Services Guidelines

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