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Protein Ball Mix Vanilla + Coconut - 6 Packet Box
Protein Ball Mix Vanilla + Coconut - 6 Packet Box

Protein Ball Mix Vanilla + Coconut - 6 Packet Box

Smooth and delicious, Funch's Vanilla and Coconut Protein Balls are gluten free, made with 100% natural wholefoods and have no added sugar.

These tasty treats are delightfully sweet, with a perfect vanilla and coconut combination. Snack on a bliss ball as a mid morning or mid afternoon snack or they make an ideal evening treat, satisfying your sweet cravings without any guilt. 

Our Protein
The Raw Pure Pea Protein that is totally clean and natural. It is vegan-friendly, highly digestible, dairy free, gluten free and cholesterol free. Read about the importance of protein in everybody’s diet here.

The Product Facts
Our Vanilla and Coconut Protein Ball Mix is gluten-free, dairy free, grain free and vegan. They are a source of protein, a source of fibre and a source of energy. Vanilla and Coconut Protein Balls are naturally sweetened, having nothing artificial and no sugar added. You also do not need to use a blender.

What You Need
Our recipe is easy to follow. You have the choice of 3 options on the back of the packet including:

  • water + rice syrup or honey,
  • coconut oil + rice syrup or honey,
  • dates + water or coconut oil

How Many Per Pack
Each pack, depending no the size of the balls that you roll, will make between 10 - 15 balls per packet. 

Making Tip
We recommend, for your rolling pleasure, that you wear plastic gloves… it makes the rolling so much easier! For your convenience, when you place your order online we will include a pair of plastic gloves with your delivery.

Made using the water + rice syrup recipe, Funch's balls rolled at 20g have 84 calories per ball.

Healthy Choices Classification
Made using the water + rice syrup recipe, These Funch balls rolled at 20g are classified as AMBER (which is the highest rating available for this style of product) for both the Healthy Choices Guidelines and the School Canteen and Other School Food Services Guidelines

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